Multigenre Monday 16th, 2015


Today’s Lesson:

Warm-Up: When giving feedback about another student’s reading or spoken word performance, what should it look like, sound like, and feel like? Make a quick Y-chart with TWO ideas in each space.

We’ve agreed to the following…

The framework for providing feedback will be: 

  • One thing you liked about the poem.
  • One question you have about the poem.
  • One thing you would change about the poem.

Lesson:  We began today with reminding students about the Multigenre Project (due March 25th).  For project details, you can see Tuesday March 3rd post:

Then, we began our writing time.  Here were some prompts we used to inspire our poetry:   Writing Prompts

Students should work on this writing project at home.  Please let me know if you have questions:


Friday, March 13th


Today we completed a practice benchmark.  It was a collaborative test (partners) and we shared out answers from time to time throughout each class.  The test is below.

Super Secret Partner Collaboration Quiz

Answer Key:

4.  A.

5. B.

All other answers may vary.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015


Task:  Read the following texts independently.  For each story, use the T-CHART to describe the literal meaning and the figurative meaning.  

Remember, the literal meaning is what actually happens in the text.

The figurative meaning is the larger lesson or understanding that the story represents.

******When you finish, go back and create a real-life situation for each of the figurative meanings.  For example, with “The Road Not Taken” we said it could be a person choosing between going to college or not going to college.  It could also be someone simply choosing between different types of cereal. 

The-North-Wind-and-the-Sun –  “The North Wind and the Sun” First text

Plato’s %22The Cave%22  – “The Cave” Last text  (This text is a conversation between a few different people.  Pay close attention to what Plato says about a cave.

Monday, March 9th, 2015


Today, we worked on our Multigenre project.  It is the first official work day for this project, since I was out last Monday.  We focused today on Step One (What is the theme of your project?).  Students used the following writing stem to articulate their project:   “My project is an exploration of what it means to be ____________________________.”  They filled in the blank with some aspect of their identity, such as “food lover,” “aspiring artist,” or “8th grader”.

Then, students began the writing process.

For assignment guidelines, please scroll down to “7th and 8th grade writing shop”.

HOMEWORK:  This project is due on March 24th. Students have plenty of work to do and much of this can be done at home.  Encourage / Require them to make progress on their writing!

Thanks!  Mr. Homan

Friday, March 6th 2015




Step One: Read each question on your hand out.  Underline the important information in each question.

Step Two:  Read the following article:   While you read, record your answers on a separate sheet of paper.

Step Three:  When you are finished, you may read one of the other articles below, read an article posted to the blog from yesterday, or work on your MULTIGENRE IDENTITY PROJECT.

Thursday March 5th, 2015


Today you are choosing between three articles.  You will complete the Preview and the Questions on a separate sheet of paper. 

Beginner’s Guide to Cave Diving Level Red Hot (Challenge Level)

True Teen Story – Back in the Game Level Spicy Hot (Hard, but not too hard)

Hard Knocks – Sports Concussions Level Spicy (easy, but not THAT easy)

***When you are finished, please turn in your responses and read another one of the articles (for now, you don’t have to do the questions).

**When you have read two articles, grab a copy of “Six-Word Memoirs,” read a few pages, and then write your own! You can use this in your Multigenre Identity Project!